2016 Program

Tuesday, April 19

2 – 7 pm Registration Open
7 – 9 pm Opening Reception
welcome receptionStart your time in Puerto Rico off right by joining us at the Gran Melia Resort’s Mirardor Grill. This tropical outdoor venue is located right on the beach and just steps away from the water. The reception will begin with opening remarks from Puerto Rico governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla. The event will continue with live entertainment featuring contagious Latin rhythms and dances such as Plena, Bomba and the electrifying Salsa! Heavy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails will be served. Included in conference registration.

Wednesday, April 20

7 – 8 am
Reg: 6:30 - 7 pm

Fun Run/Walk
Fun Run logo 2016Whether you’re a walker, casual runner, or serious speed demon CSIA’s first Fun Run/Walk is a great way to kick start a day full of meetings! We’ll have two teams: The “Fun Team” for those who like a more leisurely pace and want to soak up the beautiful weather; and the “Run Team” for those who are driven to compete. All participants will receive a commemorative Fun Run t-shirt. Register and pack your workout gear! Additional $30 fee.

8 – 9 am


9 – 9:30 am

Jose Rivera, CSIA CEO

9:30 – 10:30 am 


Puerto Rico - A Key Pharma and Life Sciences Manufacturing Hub

Robert Maroney cropped

Robert Maroney
President, Pharmaceutical Industry Association of PR, Inc., Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Rafael Castro

Rafael Castro
Vice President of Operations, Pharmaceutical Industry Association of PR, Inc., Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is not only a beautiful resort destination, it is also a key global pharma and life sciences manufacturing hub. All leading players of this industry are represented here.
10:30 – 11 am


 11 am – 12 pm  


What is Important to End Users When Selecting and Working with SIs?

Raj Batra

Raj Batra
President, Siemens Digital Factory, Norcross, Georgia, USA
Ruben Hernandez, Roche Operations; Ltd, Ponce, Puerto Rico
Mark LaRoche, Superior Controls, Inc., Seabrook, NH, USA
Justo Moreno, Executive Director Information Systems, Amgen, Puerto Rico
Robert Maroney, President, PIA, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Industries around the world are feeling unprecedented pressure to find new ways to become more efficient, flexible and innovative. System integrators are playing a decisive role in achieving that success. In this panel, end users will discuss their most important requirements such as critical project KPIs, total cost of implementation measurement, application versus technology experience, certifications and best practices for SIs in support of those requirements.
 12 – 1:30 pm

 Lunch and Leadership Lunch

 1:30 – 2:30 pm  


Attract, Retain, Develop, Repeat

Jamie Diehl headshot

Jamie Diehl
President, Higher Up LLC, Scio, Oregon, USA
Eduardo Acosta, CEO, Omnicon S.A., Cali, Valle, Columbia
Ed Diehl, President and Co-Founder, Concept Systems, Inc., Albany, Oregon, USA
Rick Pierro, President, Superior Controls, Inc., Seabrook, New Hampshire, USA
Frank Riordan, President, DMC, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, USA
Join us for a panel discussion on workforce attraction and retention. The panel will discuss what some companies are doing to recruit younger engineers with the focus on long-term strategy, including marketing and branding your company for hiring, and engagement and alignment after hire.  We will also open the microphone for questions and suggestions from other member companies.
 2:30 – 3:30 pm  


The Great Debate: Who Needs to Adjust?

Jamie Diehl headshot

Jamie Diehl
President, Higher Up LLC, Scio, Oregon, USA
Michelle Coburn, Project Engineer, A&E Engineering, Inc., Greer, South Carolina, USA
Nicholas Hitchcock, Sr Electrical Engineer, Patti Engineering, Austin, Texas, USA
Eric Schaefer, Principal and co-founder, Stone Technologies, Inc., Chesterfield, Missouri, USA
Diane Trentini, VP Marketing and Sales, Optimation Technology, Inc., Rush, New York, USA
Attend a lively panel debate on how to resolve workplace issues and take advantage of the opportunities inherent in multi-generational workforces. Representatives from diverse age groups will debate what makes SI companies more interesting to younger employees.
3:30 – 5:30 pm

Partner Industry Expo and Reception
Exhibit 2016 showcases the most recent advances in control system integration and provides an unequalled opportunity to meet with over 60 companies representing industry suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. This is an excellent program for making connections and relationship building. Appetizers and cocktails will be available throughout this happy hour event! Included in conference registration.

See the Expo floor plan and list of exhibitors (as of 3-23-16).

7:30 – 11 pm

Biobay 4 croppedBioluminescent Bay Kayak Trip
Enjoy your night in Puerto Rico by gliding through one of the last bioluminescent bays on the planet. Kayakers will be exposed to spectacular views of the Caribbean while they witness hundreds of tiny bioluminescent plankton lighting up the waters like a sparkling sky. The journey will begin at sunset in the small village, Las Croabas. Team Captains will lead kayakers through a mystical channel leading to the Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve. Enjoy the sounds of wildlife as you paddle through the exotic scenery of tunnels created by mangroves. Team Captains will point out the birds and marine life that use the lagoon as a sanctuary and explain more about the bioluminescent micro-organisms that light up the beautiful waters. Past the mangrove forest you’ll enter the lagoon, Laguna Grande. Here guests will watch for bands of light made by darting fish, and watch glistening swirls of water created by the paddles. At this point, the trip will take a slight break for guests to enjoy the beautiful starry sky and rainforest. Busses depart from Main Entrance at 7:30 pm.

Space is limited. No children under the age of six and all children must have adult supervision. Additional $150 registration fee.

Thursday, April 21

8 – 9 pm


8 – 9 am

Women’s Networking Breakfast (for Partner and Integrator members only)
CSIA invites all women in system integration to attend the first annual Women’s Networking Breakfast. This will be a great opportunity to connect with women in system integration from around the globe, develop a network of peers, learn new best practices for your career, and celebrate women in business! Three empowering business women – Lynda Patterson, president of CSIA and CSIA board member Diane Trentini of Optimation Technology - will lead the conversation throughout this event to ensure you get the most from this networking session!

8:30 am – 2 pm 

Spouse/Guest Tour
Walking Tour of Old San Juan

arial san juan fortTake some time to explore Old San Juan! Begin with a tour of Fort San Cristobal, the fortification that defended the city from attack by the British and Dutch centuries ago. Following brunch at El Convento, explore Plaza del Quinto Centenario and go slightly off the beaten path to make some fascinating finds that elude 90 percent of visitors who never leave the main streets. As the tour continues, we’ll visit Plaza San Jose, Casa Blanca, Calle Sol and La Plazoleta de la Rogativa. Over the course of this tour, attendees will see the first fortification ever built in San Jan, the governor’s mansion, the Plaza of Pocession (the most beautiful section of the entire city), the San Juan Cathedral, and much more, making this trip one that will not be forgotten! Following the tour, attendees will have time to explore the many boutiques and shops that line the cobblestoned streets. This tour is the best way for you to immerse yourself in Old San Juan’s timeless beauty. Make sure to sign up in order to get a feel for this great city in just a few hours! Additional $50 registration fee applies. Contact CSIA for information regarding registration for children. Limited capacity.

9 – 10 am


Bottom-Line Automation: Making the Financial Case for Investment in Automation

Peter Martin

Dr. Peter Martin
Vice President and Edison Master, Schneider Electric, Foxboro, Massachusetts, USA

Automation system technology has the capability to drive huge amounts of business value improvements for industrial businesses. Unfortunately many automation projects do not. There are specific reasons why they don’t and clear and proven approaches and processes that will assure that they do. Both the barriers to success and a plan for success will be presented along with a case study on the right way to drive business value from automation and control.

10 – 10:45 am 


Delivering "Bottom-Line Automation" to the World

Marc Hunter cropped

Marc Hunter
Vice President, Synergy Systems Inc., Lisle, Illinois, USA
Peter Martin, Vice President and Edison Master, Schneider Electric, Foxboro, MA, USA
Stephen Malyszko, President, Malisko Engineering, Inc., St. Louis, Misourri USA
Bruce Marson, President, Engineered Energy Solutions, Inc., Somerville, New Jersey USA
Steve Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer, Thermo Systems LLC, East Windsor, New Jersey USA
Mark Spindler, Vice President, Control Assemblies Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
This panel discussion attempts to address the real life challenges and opportunities presented in the implementation of Dr. Martin's concepts.
10:45 – 11:15 am


11:15 – 12:15 pm 


Digital Marketing in Action

jessica mlinaric
Jessica Mlinaric
Marketing Manager, DMC, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, USA
Diane Trentini, VP Marketing and Sales, Optimation Technology, Inc., Rush, New York, USA
Steve Palmgren, Patti Engineering, Texas, USA
Tony Veroeven, Exchange Community Manager, CSIA, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Georgia Whalen, Founder, Rivergate Marketing, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA
Like many of our members, CSIA has been working to revamp its digital presence. Learn about our latest marketing updates and how to leverage tools to upgrade your own digital strategy. A panel of system integrators will share their experience implementing marketing improvements. Come prepared with questions and leave with insights on how to put your digital marketing goals into action!
11:15 – 12:15 pm 


Partnering as a Strategy for Growth in the Age of Digitalization

Keith Jones cropped
Keith Jones
President, Prism Systems, Inc., Mobile, Alabama, USA
Peter Treible
Peter Treible
Partner Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc., Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

System integrators, along with traditional PLC and DCS suppliers, have played a significant role in the automation of manufacturing in the Americas. Over the last 30 years, the relationship between the SI and suppliers has seen many changes. As the automation environment evolves into a digital enterprise, conventional definitions of how to sell and deliver solutions are being rewritten. This can and should lead to a closer alliance between suppliers and SIs that benefits the end-users we are all committed to serving. This presentation will highlight the SI program from two perspectives: that of the control system supplier and that of the systems integrator. It will discuss the evolution of Siemens’ Solution Partner program strategy in the United States. Jones and Treible will talk about the benefits to the end user, the SI and Siemens. The speakers will provide real-world guidelines and best practices about how suppliers and SIs can partner to strengthen trust, grow their business, and guide end-users in the age of the digital factory.

12 – 1:30 pm

 Lunch and Insurance Information Lunch

 1:30 – 2:15 pm


Industry Secrets: Tax Credits for System Integrators

Michael Siegel
Michael Siegel
Managing Director, Alliantgroup, Houston, Texas, USA

If your company is in the business of developing control systems, whether for use in a manufacturing process or in other industrial and technological settings, there is a very good chance that you qualify for a significant tax refund from the IRS. Join Alliantgroup managing director Michael Siegel to learn how your systems integration work could qualify you for perhaps the most valuable tax credit out there for U.S. businesses.

 1:30 – 3:00 pm


Lessons from Touching a Hot Stove

Wright Sullivan 1028
Wright Sullivan
President, A&E Engineering, Inc., Greer, South Carolina, USA
Paul Barnard, CSIA Insurance Program Manager, Paul Barnard Insurance, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, USA
Sam Hoff, CEO, Patti Engineering, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA
Timothy Matheny, President, ECS Solutions, Inc., Evansville, Indiana, USA
Jeff Miller, Director of Project Management, Interstates Control Systems, Inc., Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
Jane Tucker, Office Manager, Trutegra, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Joe Tucker, President, Trutegra, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
This continues to be our most popular session. And this year, it won't be just hot — it will sizzle! Mark Twain said, "The cat, having sat upon a hot stove lid, will not sit upon a hot stove lid again. But he won't sit upon a cold stove lid, either." In this session, you have the opportunity to experience second-hand — without the resulting pain — how integrators have been burned by accidents, injuries, and losses. More importantly you will learn how to work around the stove without being burned!
 2:15 – 3 pm


Strategic & Exit Options Available to CSIA Business Owners

Clint Bundy
Clint Bundy
Managing Director, Bundy Group, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Paul Galeski, Founded MAVERICK Technologies, LLC, MAVERICK Technologies, Columbia, Illinois, USA
Rick Pierro, President, Superior Controls, Inc., Seabrook, New Hampshire, USA
Operating in a growing market, CSIA business owners have a number of exit, recapitalization, employee ownership, and capital raise options. Clint Bundy, an investment banker experienced in the system integration industry, will provide the CSIA audience with an overview of these strategic options, as well as a mergers and acquisitions market update. The second half of the presentation will involve a panel consisting of system integration business owners experienced in selling their respective companies.

3 – 5 pm


New in 2016! An unconference is a participant-driven meeting where the agenda is created on the spot by attendees at the beginning of the meeting to allow for flexibility of topics and discussion-based sessions. Unconferences are intended to be highly collaborative and offer a vibrant atmosphere where questions are welcomed and sharing is encouraged. Meaningful and useful interaction between attendees is the sole purpose of an unconference. The culture is designed to be participatory, not passive. Participants have more input into and control over their learning and takeaways from an unconference. Unconference topics include:

  • • BP Rev 5: What to Expect — moderated by Eric Schaefer
  • • Peer Group Connections — moderated by Don Ulrich
  • • The Pulse and Why it Matters — moderated by Jim Campbell
  • • IoT Service Opportunities for SIs — moderated by Gary Tillery and Dominique Blanc
  • • Introducing the New CSIA Legal Plan — moderated by Mark Voigtmann and Brian Clifford

6:30 – 9 pm

Business Meeting and Awards Reception and Dinner

Meeting registrants are invited to attend this special event set aside to honor the 2016 award recipients and share the latest CSIA news. Included in registration.

Friday, April 22

8 – 9 am


9 –10:30 am


Better Days Ahead

Alan Beaulieu cropped 2016 I

Alan Beaulieu
President, ITR Economics, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

2015 provided a few scares, but 2016 should see increased levels of demand across a broad swath of industries, once we turn the corner. There are a lot of negatives in the world and we will discuss them, but we will also discuss the positive economic realities, too. Attendees should leave with a solid, positive outlook for their future.

10:30 – 10:45 am


10:45 – 11:45 am


From Cables to Cybersecurity: The Importance of a Robust Infrastructure to Meet Future Network Needs

Alan Carty cropped

Alan Carty
President and Founder, Automation Techies, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA

Jeff Lund, Belden, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Dan McGrath, Sr.  Business Development Manager, IAI Solutions, Panduit, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA
Gregg Schaefer, Anixter, Inc., Stephens City, Virgina, USA
Networks will continue to be pushed to meet higher demands – the physical layer is not only the base for a good performance, but also an area of business development for SIs. In addition, cybersecurity is scary for many, but a requirement that will be with us for a long time with all growing networks. Instead of allowing these building blocks to become a “horror show,” let’s tackle this challenge with a can-do attitude to help our installations, our projects, and our clients — potentially developing and providing a real area of business opportunity.

 12:30 – 6 pm

Optional Friday Outing - SOLD OUT
Tour the Amgen plant

Amgen plant squareJoin us as we explore the Amgen Plant in Juncos. This ultramodern facility has a biotechnology campus for bulk manufacturing with laboratories and manufacturing facilities. The tour includes transportation. Sign up quickly – limited to the first 35 registrants. Additional $40 registration fee applies.

 7 – 9 pm

Closing Reception on the Beach
closing receptionWe’ll gather one last time Friday night to enjoy hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, music and a “special surprise” on the beach. You won’t want to miss this one! Additional $25 registration fee applies.